For several years I have had ringing in my ears and spent my nights grinding my teeth. I’ve tried several different approaches to solving these issues which include acupuncture, Chinese herbs, mineral supplements and even getting an expensive bite guard from my dentist. None of these approaches gave me any relief. Recently I received half of a Reset treatment because I did not have time to receive a full treatment.

That night when I went to bed the ringing in my ears was reduced by at least 75% volume. I slept very well. The next day I noticed that my neck and shoulder muscles were remarkably looser and free of tension. Now a month has gone by and the ear ringing is still reduced in volume and my jaw and neck are similarly more relaxed. I am looking forward to another Reset treatment and highly recommend this approach to everyone. Rob Story March 2009.


I gave a RESET treatment to a client with Parkinson's disease. She had been having trouble fully opening her mouth and her speech was affected by the lack of movement in the jaw. At the end of the treatment, she noticed much greater ease in the jaw and the ability to open her mouth much wider. She said, "That's amazing! It felt like nothing was happening at all, but now my jaw feels totally different." Her aide also noticed that her speech was much clearer too.

Thanks Brett Dunn for teaching us the RESET technique! Sonia Story, March 2009.


After attending a RESET workshop I treated a friend who had an allergic reaction to sunscreen on her upper and lower eyelids. The eyes were red raw, swollen, sagging and sore. Shortly after completing a RESET 30 minute correction I observed her eyes visibly reducing in redness. The swelling was going down and there was no soreness. All this took place within 15 minutes of completing the procedure. Lorraine Wise Dec 96.


After a visit to the dentist I couldn’t open my mouth wide enough to eat and talk—a situation my family was OK with.  Nevertheless my jaw was very painful and uncomfortable.  I also worried I would do more damage by moving my jaw.  RESET allowed me to open my jaw with ease.  My subsequent visit to the dentist was just as uncomfortable, my dentist was being as gentle as possible, my jaw was in better shape. 

I then had RESET and Kinergetics and was able to gentle release emotions and beliefs I didn’t realise I had.  I remember as a child being asked to do something and told to eat all my dinner when really I would have preferred not to.  Now I can say ‘No thank you’ and it’s OK. AC Nov 99.


After doing RESET on a friend with very severe TMJ problems we had a surprising outcome. Her TMJ was greatly improved, pain gone and teeth met much better. The surprise was that her hearing which had greatly deteriorated over the last decade was almost normal. She did not expect it to last but to our pleasant surprise, she could still hear well the next day. Two months later it remained the same. NGN Oct 99.


After one session client could see colours—not been able to before. Janet Blake Jan 2000.


After one session client detoxed for three days.  Was on hard drugs years earlier.  Had digestive problems—all gone. Janet Blake Jan 2000.


After one session client had pain in pelvic area—now gone. Tried other treatments, only RESET could help. Janet Blake Jan 2000.


After suffering headache and sinus pain for several days and attempting several remedies without results I tried the RESET and after 20 minutes I felt everything shifting and complete release. AOB Nov 99.


Apart from using RESET very effectively in my clinic, I personally have used it a number of times, from being unable to settle down and sleep at night to sore neck and back problems, and especially recently after dental work.  I had a molar on the bottom right side of my mouth, which needed repairing after a piece had fallen out.  During the 45 minutes of work the dentist also drilled out the existing amalgam filling.  For the next day or so I was feeling quite sore and unwell.  After using RESET my jaw felt back to normal and I’m sure that it played a major part in helping my body remove the mercury that had been released by the drilling.  It never ceases to amaze me that such a simple technique is so effective. Sandy Lee Nov 99.


A woman in her middle fifties had arthritis in her right hip.  After the RESET workshop she has not had the pain and is  now doing RESET on herself weekly. Nicolie O’Neill Sept 98.


Chronic Arthritis for 30 years. Last time (5 months) very strong pains and weak muscles under the right knee. For several days I couldn’t jump without heavy pains - after RESET I could. Herbert Oct 99.


Client had broken jaw with titanium plate inserted, pain level was 5.  Client had difficulty in movement of jaw.  After RESET  jaw was looser and client felt he could talk more easily and had better energy.  SM May 99.


Client had difficulty in moving neck, dull low level pain in neck, and shoulder pain like pins and needles. Pain level in neck was 3 and in shoulder 7/8.  After RESET pain level in neck was negligible and shoulder pain went down to 3.  Head movement left, right, up and down was much more flexible.  Client was satisfied with result.  SM Mar 99.


Client had pain in teeth and numbness in left jaw (pain level 8/9, numbness level 7).  After RESET pain level was 0, numbness went down to 4.  Approximately one hour after session, client lost tooth from left side where greatest pain was.  SM April 98.


Client has chronic fatigue and TMJ problems.  Has had RESET done and felt relief in her jaws and felt more relaxed, but not feeling ‘drained and tired.’ Client has frozen shoulder and suffers from headaches.  Has been having RESET and has eased the headaches to being less frequent and her shoulder has felt much better and has been able to have more mobility in her arm and shoulder. DD Dec 99.


Client has trouble with TMJ and clenches teeth constantly.  After one session of RESET the client felt her jaws release and her teeth were now touching (top and bottom) which she has not been able to do for years.


Client over a few sessions reduced headaches from one a day to none. Janet Blake Jan 2000.


Client over three weeks could feel tingling and numbness as body was being brought back into balance.  She felt more confident and happier. Janet Blake Jan 2000.


Client with sinus—after two sessions gone. Janet Blake Jan 2000.


For several months I had been using cranial-sacral and visceral work on myself extensively. I had reached a plateau and needed something else to get me through. I took RESET from Ron and it became a milestone for me. With RESET I have moved mountains of TMJ and tinnitis problems. They are clearing up quite nicely. Teresa Ellis March 99.


Having taught RESET since 1996 to more than 150 people, I am still delighted with its simplicity and benefits of deep relaxation and self-administration. Particularly after dental procedures I have found RESET valuable for myself, and my clients, to restore integrity and lower muscular-skeletal balance. KF Dec 99.


I am a nurse and do massage therapy. I have used RESET on most of my clients seeing wonderful results. Diane 1999.


I did RESET eyes open/eyes closed on an elderly lady with fibromyalgia. I had to be very gentle as she was very tender. After the corrections she told me it was the first time in 2 years that she had felt no pain. John B Briggs  Sep 99.


I had pain in my neck and lower back before the demonstration. During the process I felt the pain slowly going away, like energy melting the pain away. Sue 1999.


I had the pleasure of doing RESET training with Kate Faraday in 1996.  This turned out to be such a good decision, and as far as healing modalities are concerned, I was very happy to find that RESET is not a huge time-consuming process!  The workshop was an absolute delight to attend, and both as recipient and as practitioner, I found the experience of RESET was relaxing and blissful.  When subsequently I was able to give RESET to a client this women was able to experience a massive clearance of stored trauma in her legs, both of us being surprised by both of her legs ’leaping’ up off the table, in unison!  She had had both legs in irons as a child, for 3 years, due to some abnormality, and the release seemed to let go of the last cellular memory of this traumatic time in her legs.  This was such a positive result, and as the method is so very gentle, and also nurturing, it is a delight to give and a delight to receive.  So, all in all, I am delighted with RESET. Padma 99.


I have a daughter who will only tolerate short periods of muscle testing, even a Fast Fix is too long.  RESET has been wonderful for her in dealing with pain, stress, tummy aches and when she can’t sleep.  RESET was the first step towards Kinergetics balances. AC Nov 1999.


I have been using RESET in my clinic over the last few years and found it particularly useful on clients who are otherwise ‘untestable’ and have not responded to other methods for obtaining a clear muscle. Oswald Parker Dec 99.


I have had several clients go into spontaneous past life regression whilst having a RESET treatment, apparently releasing something that they themselves have no other avenue of releasing. GS December 99.


I have done RESET on over 100 massage clients.  All experienced a deepening of relaxation combined with more strength and ‘in their body’ feeling after the massages.  I have taught three RESET classes—participants experienced strengthening in lower half (of the body) muscles—loosening of jaw muscles.  Some RESET folks learned Kinergetics as well. Ocea Wilkes June 99.


I have seen: jaw pain gone, people feel calmer, better rest at night. DH Feb 99.


I have several joint projects I’m working on (tennis elbow, knees, wrists, fingers and TMJ) thanks to working around cyanide and ammonia fumes at my job. I see a chiropractor at least once a month and sometimes once a week since I’m too stubborn to drop my judo lessons. I find that when the chiropractic adjustments on my cervical spine won’t hold more than a day or two, that it’s related to my TMJ being out of whack. Doing RESET before and shortly after seeing my chiropractor helps the adjustments hold a lot longer. Doing RESET also helps when my neck gets to bothering and I’m not able to see my chiropractor because of my work schedule. John Briggs Dec 99.


I have taught close to 50 people and most of them felt some kind of relief, either pain or tension anywhere in the body after using RESET. Ilse Jakobovits, RN Dec 99.


I have taught RESET to a lot of people and everyone always feels better after.  It is the easiest workshop to fill as the world is full of people with jaw problems. NO Dec 99.


I have worked with two people who have a thyroid problem.  The first one had been on medication for approximately two years and was very uncomfortable all around the throat area.  I did a couple of Resets on her and within two sessions of kinesiology she was off her medication.  She had seen her doctor and from 30% functioning is now 98% functioning.  The second person is slowly getting her feeling back in her throat and neck.  She also has had two sessions but we are still doing a bit more work on her. Tami deVries Dec 99.


In 1992 I was experiencing bad facial pain which I thought was an ear problem. After excluding that it was my ears, I was told that it was my wisdom teeth which were impacted and causing all the pain. I went into hospital and had them all removed. When I came out of hospital I could not open my jaw at all. I was then told by my dentist I had a condition called T.M.J. I saw three specialists, took tablets, had Physiotherapy, but when it did nothing for me I was told that it was due to stress and nothing could be done other than to go and see a psychiatrist to try and release some stress. 2 years later I decided I couldn’t bear the pain any longer. I had one session (mainly RESET) which lasted around 20 minutes which totally cured all my T.M.J. problems. I can open my mouth fully now without any pain or discomfort, something I haven’t been able to do for two whole years. In my eyes it's a miracle come true. Prue Wanders Aug 94.


In May 1997, just after learning RESET in WA, my cousin called to say that she was unable to meet up due to a severe migraine that she had had for two days. I offered to do RESET on her to see if it would help—she agreed to it and said she’d try anything. Subsequently I did the simple RESET corrections on her and we were both astounded.  Not only had her migraine gone completely but she said that she felt clearer in the head and more energy in her body than she had experienced in a long time. On my return to WA in 1999 she reminded me of that day and asked what it was that I had done on her to make her feel so good. A convert! Maryanne Butler Dec 1999.


In October I broke off the whole side of the biggest molar in my upper teeth.  The nerve was immediately exposed.  This was a Saturday afternoon.  No dentists open in my area.  I applied RESET to my jaw and subsequently suffered no pain or sensitivity.  Upon my visit to the dentist the following Monday my dentist was amazed and confused as to why I suffered no pain.  He brought his colleagues into the room to examine my damaged tooth.  I had aplied RESET again this morning in anticipation of dental work.  The diagnosis was a triple root canal, ASAP.  Throughout the course of my treatment I continued to apply RESET and it helped me to release the toxins from the anaesthetics and removal of old fillings. S Jepson Dec 99.


I suffer periodically from migraines, which I have hardly been able to control, even with large amounts of painkillers.  With RESET both the frequency/prevalence of my migraines was reduced and usually the migraine symptoms disappear after a RESET session.


It is wonderful to see the look of amazement on people’s faces at the end of RESET.  They are amazed at how different their jaw feels, how much freer movement is.  The relief someone feels when a severe headache is relieved after RESET – truly amazing.  My son plays contact sports and I would always know when he had taken a knock on his jaw, as his coordination would be slightly off.  Sure enough, when I checked, his jaw would be out of balance.  RESET sets him back on a coordinated path ready for his next game.  Many clients have experienced relief with neck/back/shoulder pain.  Those with ankle complaints have also noticed quite a difference.  A wonderful tool that anybody can work with, not only for themselves – those they know and care about also. Anne Asmus Nov 99.


I use RESET at the beginning of every healing session on clients.  I find it helps to relax them and it is easier to then follow on with muscle testing in a kinesiology/Kinergetics balance.  I find it also helps to identify for the client that they have locked in emotions in the jaw.  The client is more willing to clear these emotions.  KW Feb 00.


I use Reset before or at the end of most healing/Kinesiology/Bowen and relaxation sessions and have found clients respond well. A Cooper Dec 99.


I used RESET on a 23 year old client. Her jaw was completely out, her TMJ's were clicking. She had been taking panadol painkillers regularly. She has been amazed with the results of RESET and has had no pain since then. I have also used RESET with 10 other people successfully. 5 of these are teenagers with learning difficulties. It has made a huge difference to neck and back problems and helped with concentration. J Michael Feb 00.


More than 5 years ago I went for the first time to a jaw surgeon. He told me that I had to wait for at least 3 to 5 years before he wanted to do anything. My jaw was hurting all the time and clicking on both sides. There were a lot of things I wasn’t allowed to do and I had to wear a plastic plate in my mouth to keep the jaws together. If it didn't improve in 3-5 years they were going to put them together with metal, so I couldn’t move at all. I met Philip Rafferty in Melbourne and had 2 sessions with him. After the first one the results were amazing. After the second the pain was and still is gone! Thanks Phil. Kyra Nov 94.


One client I worked on of the many, many clients who have had RESET corrections from me (this is a very powerful correction and frequently comes up in a balance) was experiencing audible resets of pelvic cartilages.  When I asked if he’d ever experienced anything like it before – he was as amazed as I was that something so tangible and physical could happen in the lower half of his body while I held his head. Loreto Whitney Nov 99.


One particular gentleman client does not express or release emotionally.  During RESET sessions the releases via the nerves and muscles is enormous and very kinetic and the effect on his mood and emotions at the end of he session marked.  The results for him have been so far-reaching he has a session every three months.


Recently I have been working with 48 children ages from 6 to 14 with dyslexic tendencies. I use a combination of Kinergetics, Edu-K and Applied Physiology for corrections with profound results. Before commencing any corrections I always test for T.M.J. (jaw) imbalance. Out of 48 of the children tested, 29 had an imbalance. I balance the jaw using the RESET technique. On 5 of the children I purposely did not correct the jaw, and the dyslexic corrections did not hold. I then corrected the jaw using RESET and got the results I always get. The first part of the corrections is cross crawl (touch left knee with right hand, right knee with left hand in sequence). This particular 8 year old boy could not even start. He seemed to have 6 hands and 4 knees. His mother told me that at 18 months old he had been accidentally hit in the mouth with a railway sleeper that fell from a pile and the mouth and top gum were badly cut. I did RESET on this child and when I had finished he did cross crawl perfectly. Dave Everett Jan 97.


RESEARCH AT KINESIOLOGY HOUSE, MELBOURNE - Over 20 second year kinesiology students at the Kinesiology School for Energetic Sciences were tested for imbalances. 171 imbalances were found, including T.M.J. muscles tested in contraction and extension, over inhibited and over facilitated. The students were then taught R.E.S.E.T. The imbalances were retested. Of the original 171 only 28 were now showing (84% corrected). Of the remaining imbalances, some students required water and some imbalances were corrected with further R.E.S.E.T. One extra correction position brought the corrections to over 90%. Philip Rafferty April 97.


RESET has had some beneficial result on every client on whom I have practiced.  Even to the extent that a few have been able to accept manipulations which would have been painful to attempt, and in some cases the need for physical correction has resolved upon adopting the corrective position.  This is fantastic particularly with chronic Arthritis & Rheumatism. I find a mixture of Kinergetics, RESET and conventional treatment brings benefit to all clients through a spectrum of complaints, some of which have not responded to allopathic treatments over a long time period.  I also find that the balance of treatment is individual to each case and although I try to plan it, I am overruled by events (energies) which seem to dictate the format and when this happens the conclusion is fantastic. D. Sunley Nov 99.


RESET is great for children who, for one reason or another, get impatient or restless with muscle testing.


Since completing the RESET and RESET Instructor workshops I do the technique on every client.  I have found it to be so relaxing for my clients that their massage is of greater benefit and I get deeper information when used before a kinesiology/Kinergetics session.  They love it, so it works for me. KO’N Feb 00.


Since I was taught to teach RESET I have held over 40 workshops with a total of 136 students. I have found the workshops to be fun yet very powerful with all sorts of things happening to people. Everyone feels a change of some sort. They all feel relaxed with most falling asleep. I have also had private sessions with people, also with great results. Janet Blake Jan 2000.


Using RESET regularly has enabled me to reeducate my jaw not to hold all my tension, leading me to be more spontaneous and present. Angie Lyndon Nov 99.


Very releasing. False teeth fit better. Feel face feels released. Better sleep. Less tension in shoulders. L. van der Hulst Nov 99.


When I first learnt RESET with Philip I wasn’t sure I was as good as he claimed.  Over time I have been more than convinced of the power and value of this technique.  As a massage therapist I will often use it before treating a specific muscular problem.  I find that people’s symptoms are lessened and the overall response to the treatment is enhanced.  It can be used in conjunction with many therapies such as bodywork, kinesiology and Reiki.  It’s simple but powerful and the results are the proof time and time again. TS Dec 99.


TMJ - DENTAL HYGIENIST. I am a Registered Dental Hygienist with over 20 years experience, and in 1999 Philip trained me to be a RESET Instructor. I taught RESET to our 2 office staffs, including the DDS's, the next year. The Dentist will ask for my assistance either during treatment, or after treatment is complete, as he determines the need. I see Clients for RESET sessions at my private office, but this article references the benefits of even short, partial sessions of RESET as spontaneously needed, during an appointment.

In our family oriented, general dental office, I often have the opportunity to use at least parts of RESET (when lacking time to do full sessions), to bring relief to clients. Often people who receive dental treatment experience discomfort holding their mouths open for long, and sometimes even short, periods of time. Other areas that have responded to this approach include post operative discomfort from extensive dental reconstruction - multiple crowns and/or bridges, surgeries, periodontal therapies, orthodontic adjustment soreness, anxiety, head and neck pain. Relief generally occurs, in various degrees, within 5-10 minutes and for most clients lasts for a significant amount of time.

The client is simply told that someone (by name) is coming who can help relieve the stress in their jaw. Minimal explanations are used. In this setting, the client is already reclining and will usually keep their eyes closed. I begin with water, if possible, sometimes the spasms have closed the jaw. Yes, the protocol starts with water and energizing kidneys but this is usually an acute circumstance and depending on the severity of the problem, I do as much of the protocol as possible to speed relief. Speaking with a slow, low, and soft voice, I start softening the neck muscles for a minute, which allows a quick assessment and initial contact to build rapport before touching a painful zone.

Next, I very gently hold (no pressure) and energize, particularly positions #1 and 2, for several minutes each, which seems to offer the fastest relief when time is minimal. I concentrate on those positions, mainly #1, until the spasms and/or pain releases, then assess the other positions. If possible, I spend at least a minute on each of the other positions to support the beneficial changes. My experiences suggest that, even stopping after these 2 positions, has been effective in reducing spasms and pain sufficiently to either continue treatment or reappoint for another time. I do strongly encourage them to drink several glasses of water afterwards and energize their kidneys.

Before they leave, if requested, the basic concept and positions are reviewed for the client and/or caregiver, allowing them to self treat at home should they choose to do so. Unfortunately, most of them appreciate the immediate relief but; when asked at later times if they used it at home, they say no. They forgot!

The first client, who received this treatment for post operative pain and TMJ spasms, told me on her return 2 weeks later: "You didn't seem to be doing anything. I thought it was a bunch of hooey and couldn't believe it would help, but was I surprised - it really did! I stopped hurting and my recovery was much faster! I want you to work on my daughter."

What a pleasure to have reassurance that others can become believers.

While we have not fully implemented the techniques as standard practice, we strive to offer this care whenever we can, especially at the end of surgeries and long appointments of any kind. Minimally, I direct energy with every instrument I handle to clean the teeth, for periodontal therapies, and during anaesthetic delivery. I think this may alleviate the stress and facilitate the body assimilating and eliminating the chemistry we introduce. The simple holding of the cheeks with our calm interior helps settle restless, nervous clients and emphasizes we really want to care for them as individuals.

Dental assistants, who have a lot of chair side time with clients, have many opportunities to share this technique. Training interested dental staff with RESET is a valuable investment for any dental office. This is a simple, gentle, non-invasive, non-chemical approach to facilitate your client's improved health, physical and emotional well-being in the dental setting. Do you think that might stimulate referrals and client retention? You bet!

Our local Orthodontist allowed me to teach him and his staff RESET. Clients would appreciate the relief of jaw stress due to post adjustment discomfort. However, they have not utilized RESET as much as we have in our office. I suspect a lack of confidence and positive experiences may be the stumbling block.

I urge any Dentist and/or staff member learn RESET and be curious to find its usefulness. Generally speaking, I've noted the clients are more at ease in the chair and according to the reports from our clients, the reparative work our client's body needs to accomplish after dental treatments proceeds faster and more comfortably. A 10 minute investment of time to reduce pain and stress sounds like a winner to me!

Carol Hanson, Registered Dental Hygienist, Idaho, USA.



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